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noneds's Journal

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A community for those without eating disorders going to extremes to lose weight.
I started this community as an outlet for people who do not feel like they fit in communities for people with eating disorders - particularly if you are not diagnosed as having an eating disorder. If you DO have an eating disorder, you are welcome here, but I would not suggest this as an outlet for you. bodyperfect is a great community that has been changed to a community solely for people with eating disorders.
Please note that there is a difference between disordered eating and an eating disorder. You must be diagnosed by a medical professional to be considered a person with an eating disorder.

RULES!! They aren't fun, but every community needs them.

1. Membership is moderated. You will need to "sign" the (comment-screened) entry saying you understand all of the rules of this community before your membership will be accepted. If you have done this and are still rejected, please send iheartsarahduh a message for further explanation.

2. Most importantly - play nice! Remember when your mother told you if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all? Debate is fun, harassment is not. You will be banned.

3. PLEASE do not mention any compensatory behavior other than exercising - such as abusing laxatives or purging - in this community! If you absolutely must, you may post it in your personal journal and link to it in an entry here, but PLEASE clearly state that you talk about these things in your journal. This is a non-debatable issue. You will only be warned once.

4. Thinspo and reverse thinspo is okay, so long as it is under a cut. Some people find it (especially reverse thinspo) offensive, so please state what exactly is under the cut. We have a zero tolerance policy for this and will ban you immediately if we see fit. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, either learn how or don't post it at all.

5. You must gain permission from a moderator to promote other communities.

6. This is really important, so listen up! Personifying eating disorders and whiting out food is very "pro-ana" and will not be tolerated. What I mean by this is calling anorexia "Ana" like it's your BFF. No mention of "Mia", either. Unless you're really trying to make lol_anaz, there's no need for that. Whiting out food is stupid, put it behind a cut if you must.

7. You know how we keep going on and on about using LJ cuts? Anything drug-related or self harm-related goes behind a cut, too. So do personal pictures. Basically, if you feel it may be harming to other people or discouraging, put it behind a cut with a warning.

8. If we find out you are posting your personal information (addresses, telephone numbers) anywhere on this community, we will suspend your membership for two weeks.

9. The journal default is to have all posts filtered as members only. Don't change that.

Okay, now that you've done that, please sign the post and THEN join the community. Thank you.

Your friendly moderating team is iheartsarahduh, will0wisp, paint_rainbows, lethalanatomy, and ms_maze. Got any concerns? Send it their way by leaving a comment in the Suggestion Box.